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Welcome to the website dedicated to the documentary “La bataille du libre !

La bataille du Libre is a documentary film directed by Phillipe Borrel that deals with the issues related to free software and is produced by Temps noir.

Purpose of the site

The site aims to make the documentary known to as many people as possible in order to support and assist the film in its internationalization and ultimately the “liberation” of the rushes. Indeed, a crowdfunding campaing accessible here is set up. This crowdfunding has several objectives, including the production of an international version of the documentary, financing English translation. The final objective of the crowdfunding is to allow the production and editing of new rushes and their availability under free license.

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Nowadays, IT is at the heart of almost all human activity. Has it helped to make us more autonomous citizens? Or has it transformed us into passive consumers of a market which became globalized? We are not even aware that, at the heart of technology, two rationales are now clashing: since the 80’s, the emancipatory principles of free software movements began to attack the exclusive and “private” ones defending intellectual property rights. Free software, free seeds, free medicine, free knowledge… Focusing on freedom, cooperation and sharing, these movements aim to restore the users’ autonomy and power, leading to a world free of patents, for the benefit of the common good.

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