Crowdfunding, we did It ! Thank’s a lot

Hello everyone,
thanks so much for all your contributions that will allow the post-production of the international version of “la bataille du Libre”(87mn). Hacking for the Commons will be available for all to see in the English-speaking zones of the world. And a first projection-debate looks already possible in New York.  The issue of this battle is in regards to the Commons in all domains. It’s a vital battle that concerns all of us! We’ll get back to you shortly with regards to your counterparties and to inform you about this English post-production version. To stay in contact, please note that this web site keeps all projections in the “Agenda” rubric. Furthermore, if you wish, you can contribute by organizing a projection near you. If so, please contact us ! Don’t hesitate also to mobilize your international networks to inform them of the upcoming release of “Hacking for the Commons”, soon available for projections-debates. Again, thanks so much for your support! 

Kind regards and see you soon,

Philippe Borrel, François Aubriot (pdt of ploss-ra) and the team working on “Hacking for the Commons”

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Presentation of the project

The issues related free software are really important. They have grown over the years and affected many fields, so what was seen as a philosophical posture, now seems to be moving towards the expression of a societal choice. Philippe Borrel’s documentary is a good introduction to free software, to the ideas defended by free activists all over the world, which is precisely why we want to show it to everyone.
Our project therefore consists of making ”La bataille du Libre” documentary accessible to all. In the first stage of the project we will produce an international version of the film, i.e. an English version. To produce this translation we will need financial, technical, material and human resources. Then, in the next step, we want to edit non-edited rushses as well as produce and edit new rushses in order to make them available under free license.
We’re asking you to help us, because our project will only be possible with your support, your enthusiasm and because its militant commitment, rooted in freedom, means something to you. Each contribution you make, even the most modest, will make it possible to bring this project to life. For those who cannot make a donation, don’t forget that simply relaying information about the campaign will help; so if our project resonates with you, please support it!

What will the money be used for?

The objectives of the campaign are as follows:

  • Level 1  6k€ :  FINANCING of the International version of the documentary and marketing resources.

Other levels are under discussion, in particular for the production and editing of new rushs and their availability under free license (CC license).

Who are behind the project?

  • Le Ploss-RA (Professionnels du Libre et de l’Open Source Software en Rhône-Alpes Auvergne) is a group of about forty ENL (Entreprise du Numérique Libre) from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It promotes cooperation among its members to develop, structure, and solidify a dynamic ecosystem
  • Temps noir is an independent audiovisual production company specializing in documentaries and fiction. Since its creation in 2002, Temps noir has been producing films on social, historical, artistic and cultural issues.
  • Philippe Borrel was born in 1966. He graduated from the Journalists’ Training Centre (JRI) in 1990. With his “gonzo” approach, he has always chosen to dive into the environment of the issues dealt with in his films, almost all of them made for French public television, for long periods of time. He has written and directed ten documentaries since 2006, including “L’urgence de ralentir” (2014) and “A World Beyond Humans ?” (2012) for Arte or “Un monde sans fous ?” (2010) and “A Jobless World ?” (2017), “La bataille du Libre” (87mn) is the long version – intended for screening and debate – of “Internet ou la révolution du partage” (55mn) broadcast on Arte in May 2019.


Scale of donations and counterpart prositions : 

  • Donate 5€ Symbolic contribution, thank you! 
  • Donate 10€ Helping hand contribution, thank you very much!
  • Donate 20€ Honorable contribution, thank you and thank you again!
  • Donate 50€ Admirable contribution, many thanks! 
  • Donate 100€ Generous contribution, thank you so much!
  • Donate 500€ Great donor contribution, a thousand thanks!
  • Donate 1000€ Dedicated contribution, thank you so much!

Support the project, the film, its ideas, the team! 

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Thank so much to… for their donations:

  • Companies YPok, Open-DSI, associations APRIL, la Mouette, Linux Ventoux, Ploss Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Framasoft
  • François Aubriot, Tony Galmiche, Camille Lafitte, Philippe Borrel, Christel Grange, Penny Allen, Vincent Mabillot, Aurélien Marty, Valérie Guichon, Rémi Bougeant
  • Alexandre Galode, Josiane Zardoya, Marion Chataing, Laurent Portier, François Pellegrini, Didier Vezinet, François Laustriat, François Herbet, Maxime Kohlhaas, Patrick Ablard
  • Clément Oudot, Henri Demaison, Laurent Bibard, Serge Julien, Franck Richecoeur, Rémi Savoye, Jean Carle, Laurette Chardon, Alain Gaxatte, Audric Gueidan
    Antoine Pillain, Salvatore Gullo, Thibault Vallois, Denise Pierrot, Wilfried Sannier, Nausicaa Hennebelle, Edsel Rivera, Marc Bessières, Jacques-Yves Tampigny, Jean Foulon
  • Marie Croyère, Albin Kauffmann, Corentin Quique, Houssem Djilani, Eric Polk, Régis Wiéland, Guillemette Trognot, Muthukrishnan Ramakrishnan, Ellison Heidi, Adrian Poiget, Roselyne Sierra
  • Franz-Albert Van Den Bussche, Annette Olivry, Stéphane Caillaud, Hervé Le Crosnier, Alexis Janvier, Géraldine Woerner, Chrystel Caparros, Philippe Bovey, Julien Dubois, Thomas Albarran, Laura Ricci
  • Sylvestre Ledru, Max Peny, Evelyne Jarry, Marie Herrmann, Dominique Richard, Philippe Jarcellat, Gaetan Devendeville, David Sanches, Christophe Viallon
  • Christophe Garion, Julien Bonhomme, Guillaume Garel, Nicolas Reinert-Roffé, Eric Andriahamison, Christophe Cazin, Thomas Charles, Alie Fou, Didier Janot, Raymond Cantin, Rémi Gascou, Olivier Hulin, Luc Lismont
  • Jérôme Choain, François Jacquet, David Vantyghem, Sébastien Valat, Jerome Vandenabeele, Christophe Paturot, Stéphane Laurière, Jean-Baptiste Cuenot, Pierre-Antoine Piter, Lucas Cimon
  • Carmela Uranga, Charles-Édouard Coste, Vincent Picavet, Florent Jardin, Michaël Scherer, Pierre Adjemian, Pascaline Guenou, Julien Paitel
  • And 4 people who wish to remain anonymous

Informations 20. Sept. 2019 : Like our donators, we’re convinced that the Commons are crucial in the Health, Agriculture and Software domains. Philippe Borrel’s film highlights, with many interviews and explanations, the importance of the Commons, Open Source software, open science, circular economy, among others. It’s for all those reasons that Hacking for the Commons has to be released and projected as much as possible, because those commons are universal and vital for Humanity. We hope to complete the participatory financing of the project (launched during the summer – not the best time) for September 20. Presently, we’re at 3282€ financed for a goal of 6000 (which corresponds of the production costs of the international version, putting in place the tools, animation of the campaign by our trainee #Colibre/ICOM/Lyon2).Thanks to our donators, we’re half-way in the financing and we must not give up!So we decided with Philippe Borrel, Temps noir and our Association Entreprises du Numérique Libre of the Auvergne Rhône Alps region that supports the project, to prolong for another month the crowdfunding campaing to produce “Hacking for the Commons”.We now have until Sunday October 20 to fund this international version that will, we hope, be aired in the whole world, explain and reach as many people as possible.We’d appreciate if you could circulate this message as much as possible within your networks, especially internationally because “Hacking for the Commons” is for them.

Informations 20. oct. 2019 : We are currently at 72% of the target… and have decided to give you one more week to complete this crowdfunding… THANK YOU to you